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About Me

Hey this is Mathis, 

I am excited to share my passion of creating art on your personal canvas. With over a decade of perfecting my craft, I am a focused, experienced tattoo artist and proud to share my detailed expressive artwork with you.  

Growing up outside of Los Angeles, I was inspired by Graffiti art. This led to my interest and inspiration of the lettering style of tattooing. As I progressed as an artist, I combined my lettering skills with my love of black and grey realism. I invite you to scroll through my portfolio to view my skills and artistic endeavors.  

I love taking a client's idea, along with my creativity and tattoo a piece of art which will look amazing on the skin and last a lifetime. My goal is for you to feel confident with me, love your tattoo and your experience, from start to finish.  

I look forward to doing large pieces which show my true artistic abilities; however, I am willing to do smaller designs too. Book a consultation today so we can collaborate and bring your vision to life with an exceptional piece of art, unique to you.  




To book an appointment please email or text me with the following information for optimal efficiency:

1. Your name and your age
2. How you heard about me and where you're coming from
3. A reference of what you want and please try to be as descriptive as possible
4. A picture of where you want to place the tattoo
5. Whether weekdays or weekends are better for schedule

                              Text: 562-250-5814

201 W 4th St, Santa Ana, Ca 92701
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